the august break

the august break

happy monday, lovelies! i wanted to share with you that this month, i will be participating in susannah conway's the august break! the idea is to post a photo each day and look at august through the lens of your camera. it's just a little way to take a break from the regular pressures and expectations of blogging.

my purpose will not be to post the most beautiful photo every day, but rather simply share with you my life through the lens of the camera (or droid). there will be no editing, no pressure and no rules- just fun! some days there may be some text while other days i may let the photo just speak for itself. i am also going to use this time to work on some projects, catch up on work and get a head on what i have planned for this fall.

and on that note, i would like to encourage you to join us in the august break as well! with over 650 participants so far, i think we all should to take some time for ourselves and allow some 'give' in our lives. so what do you say, will you join me in looking at august through the lens of your camera (dslr, compact, polaroid, iphone)? there are no rules, just lots of pretty photos to look at!

love, bonnie

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  • What a BRILLIANT idea. I’ve been struggling with my blog lately. This is a “project” I can get excited about and hopefully renew my blogging juices. I take photos most every day anyway. Thanks for the link!