things i’m thankful for

laura george

i know valentine's day is over but love is still in the air, right? laura george's shop is just oozing with love and i can't get enough of it! with octopuses holding hands, squishy people being cute and beards full of love, it made my morning full of hearts and giggles.

things i'm thankful for

things i'm thankful for

what are you thankful for? i'll start by telling you what i'm most thankful for in the comments section. see you there!

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  • I’m thankful for my husband and 2-year-old daughter. I’m also thankful for my many sources of inspiration and creativity, and your blog is way up there!

  • 1. Animals, especially ones who get super excited when you get out of bed in the morning, as if they missed you while you slept.
    2. Sunshine, nothing like the feel of sheets that have dried in it!
    3. Novels, they’ve changed my public transport life
    4. Blogs, inspiration over load and love it!
    5. Coffee, so simple and yet so delicious
    6. Husband, having someone to share the finer life details with is so spesh
    7. NZ, being able to go to the beach, river, bush, mountains etc when ever you want is pretty awesome
    8. Family, I wouldn’t dare count who is now in my immediate family, so many, but its so amazing when we’re all together!
    9. Creativity, having the freedom and time to express myself
    10. My home, a work in progress, but there’s no place like it

  • there is something so great about putting into writing what I am thankful for…always makes me pause a minute and take time to really be appreciative…I am thankful for my family, my friends who are like family, my freedom, the right to vote, my health, and access to so much on the internet (far away friends, information, blogs!!!)