umbrellasi miss the rain. colorado gets over 300 days of sunshine every year. my hometown in north carolina gets just under 100. though the sunshine is wonderful, i miss the pitter patter of rain drops on the roof, a day off from running outside, and a special time to curl up with a good book and gaze outside the window. i also miss what the rain brings. green luscious grass, gardens galore with plants of all kinds and flowing streams and rivers around every bend.

lucky for me, they make umbrellas for both rainy and sunny days alike. i'll take any one of these fabulously feminine canopies.

clockwise: dianna wedding umbrella, white heidi, abigail lace parasol, giselle pagoda, camilla anglaise parasol, petite star dome

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  • TRUST ME… if you lived in Portland you would NEVER miss the rain. I am so sick of rain and so jealous of your sunshine! Maybe I need to learn to appreciate the rain the way you do!

    P.S. It has rained 31 out of the past 33 days….