we don’t watch football.

to set the mood for this post, make sure to click over and listen to bicycle race.

tour de france

we don't watch football at our house. in fact, you won't find us watching baseball, basketball or soccer either. what?! instead, you'll find us tuning in to the tour de france each summer, and the 2011 tour started just last week. most of you know my husband is an elite cyclist, a cycling coach and used to own a bike shop. needless to say, he'll be glued to the television for the next few weeks. it's a good think i enjoy it as well, as the racers and announcers remind of the time when we first started dating. we've watched the tour together now for 8 years, and i'm sure it will be a life long tradition. are you tuning in?

clockwise: bicycle glasses- $75, france love- $20, fixie bicycle- $20, bike bell- $16, bike gear dock- $50, bike lovers trinket box- $45, yellow bicycle- $12, couple on bikes- $70

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  • The Tour has become a focal point of our year, and has been for years now. The lead up begins in early May when we start talking teams and who will ride and who won’t. And graduates onto developing our own ‘fantasy’ teams to track during the race. We love it! But we are are exhausted! Because we are in Australia, the coverage doesn’t start until 10pm and goes through until 2am. My Hubby is also a cyclist and somehow, perhaps through osmosis, I have also become a huge fan of cycling. I have been known to yell at the tv during mountain stages! Enjoy the next few weeks, we are holding our breath to see what Cadel does!

  • This is my first year watching the tour after getting my first Bianchi road bike! Thanks for the post and enjoy! :)

  • Unfortunately, we don’t have cable anymore, so we won’t be watching it on TV, but we have been keeping up on the Internet. Just like you, the first time I watched the Tour was in 2003 when my now hubby and I were first courting. So the Tour definitely holds a special place in my heart!

  • I’m not really “tuned in” but it’s on in the background with the Mr. glued as we speak! Same every year here as well :) I do enjoy watching it tho, it’s been crazy so far this year!

    • jena, that’s right- you’re mister is into cycling as well! i’m not usually all that ‘tuned in’ either, but it’s exciting to watch when something happens!