world’s tiniest post office giveaway!

world's tiniest post office giveawayhappy monday, lovelies! do you remember the world's tiniest post office by lea redmond i posted about last week? well today, i am so excited to announce that after partnering with chronicle books we are giving away the world's smallest post service kit! now you can write your own tiny little letters to send to anyone you like, anytime.

isn't it just the cutest (and most brilliant) thing ever? i think it would be the perfect way to make a big announcements or send a special hello. here's how you enter!

how to enter:

tell us in the comment section who you would like to send a tiny letter to and why (and, if that's too personal, just tell us why you like the tiny post office so much). one comment per person. giveaway will end sunday, july 31st at midnight. the winner will be chosen by a random number generator and announced on twitter and facebook on monday, august 1st. giveaway is only valid for united states residents.

good luck!

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  • I would send a tiny letter to my parents and little brothers! They moved out of the country last year and I’ve missed them quite a lot. I know my 8-year-old brother would love it especially.

  • I would send a tiny letter to all of my “sisters” my real sister, my sisters in-law, my cousin who lived with us while she was in college and is like a sister and my friend/”fake sister”. I would just send them a note letting them know how lucky I feel to have them in my life!

  • I’d love to send one of these cuties to my cousin over in Korea.. she’s working there for 2 years and I haven’t seen her for an yr (which is really very saddening because I used to drive over to her house every weekend.. our families in the same town)
    She’s all alone over there so I’d love to send her something small to remind her we’re rooting for her.. albeit from a different country.
    We have corresponded via email and facebook but nothing’s quite like receiving an adorable surprise in the post!

  • These are soooooo cute/fun! If I win, I would use it to send my step daughter lots of fun mail! On her suggestion, we made our own mail station in our upstairs hallway, with everyone in the family having their own mailbox. My stepdaughter(6) is always leaving everyone sweet loving letters, and pictures in their mailboxes, I would love to surprise her with lots of these tiny sweet letters and pkgs!

  • I would use them as sweet little props for the plushies I make, however, I think that I’d have to create a mail-teddy doll for these sweet post-ables!
    x, Val

  • i would send a little note to both my daughter and my best friend……how sweet would it be to receive a little note!!!

    thanks for the chance!


  • I would send the world’s cutest correspondence to my sister telling her she’s awesome and my best friend. And I would send one to my husband, telling him I’m proud of him.

    And I would send one to myself, because I like petite post too :)

  • I think it would be a great way to send a note to close family and friends with the announcement of a “tiny package” (baby) that will be arriving. My fiance and I are getting married on 9.10.11. If all works out as we plan, we hope to start a family July/Aug 2012 as I will have graduated with my masters by then. This would be the PERFECT way to make the announcement!!!!

  • what a fun giveaway. i would use it to leave little love you notes to my husband in the car/house or thank you notes to friends/co-workers. thanks for hosting!

  • I LOVE the tiny post office. I’m not even kidding you, I have used their service before when I sent a letter to my sister and I have SO been looking into maybe buying this kit! I would love to send a letter to one of my friends – who is also my pen pal. Yes, you read that right, We’re pen pals and we love getting mail!

  • I would write (and continue to write) to my 17 month old daughter. No, she can’t read yet but, by the time she can, I would love for her to learn first hand the power of the written word- an art that in her generation may be all but obsolete- and, I want to chronicle all the joy and excitement of her childhood!