a cook out for vegetarians

happy 4th of july weekend friends!! just as you might expect, ghtr will be taking monday off to celebrate along with you. but first! let’s talk about some ways to celebrate the holiday!

4th of july cookout for vegetarians

{red white and blue paper drinking straws}

just as many of you will, the forkner fam will be grilling out for this 4th of july as well. that’s right, the vegans will be having a cookout! to most, this sounds boring, tasteless or just plain silly. but, even if you’re not a veg-head, you might have some coming to your party. to the rescue today? a list of barbecue friendly ideas for your vegetarian friends.

vegetarian grilling ideas

– homemade black bean burgers (this is my favorite recipe)

– grilled veggies (like eggplant, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions, peppers and pineapple)

– corn on the cob

– boca burgers or other vegan hotdogs/burgers you can find at your local health food store

– grilled tofu (here’s a great recipe)

– pasta salads

– homemade frozen juice popsicles

– vegetarian grilled pizza (leave off the cheese for vegans)

do you have any favorite vegetarian or vegan grilling or cook out ideas? please share! i’ll try to add them to our list. xox, bonnie


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  • Sweet potatoes from grill are super awesome, and also plum tomatoes and rosemary with sea salt and olive oil! ( put them together in a aluminum pockets )..and for a dessert – grilled pineapple :)

  • Vegan queso! It’s way better than rotell with kraft. But I think you can’t beat just plain ol’ grilled veggies. Your 4th sounds fun!

  • i don’t believe you can ever convert me to your “vegetarian ways” BUT i do love some of your recipes & i’m not above testing them out. black bean burgers being number one on my list. thanks for sharing some wonderful alternatives.