a turkeyless thanksgiving?

turkey phototurkey photo by carl christensen

the first my mom said when i told her i was going to be a vegetarian was, 'what are you going to eat at thanksgiving?!' well that was some 6 years ago and we've come a long way! though turkey is a tradition each year, it seems that more and more vegetarians and vegans alike are coming to the table to have a turkeyless thanksgiving. no matter where you are on the scale: from being interested in having a veggie side - to expecting a vegetarian guest - to being a vegan yourself, below is something for everyone!

vegan thanksgiving recipes

i wanted to share with you a few vegetarian/vegan recipes and articles relating to thanksgiving, and invite you to share your recipes and thought as well!

1. vegetable wellington (i made this last week, and it is now my most favorite recipe!)
2. apple sage 'sausage' chestnut stuffing
3. candied lime sweet potatoes
4. soy braised carrots
5. coconut butternut squash soup
6. seitan piccata

other yummy and delightful resources:

- find a local, sustainable turkey - still want a turkey? find out how you can find a healthy and sustainable one here!
- a thanksgiving feast, no turkey's allowed - an article by the ny times
- ny times vegetarian thanksgiving (tons of recipes!)
- vegan & vegetarian thanksgiving dinner recipes - a great source for recipes and menu ideas
- celebrate a vegan holiday - awesome recipes (like sage & pumpkin seed encrusted seitan with roasted garlic-pumpkin sauce!)
- vegetarian thanksgiving recipes - you guessed it, more amazing recipes!

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  • Love these! My husband and I are having our first vegan Thanksgiving this year and could not be more excited about it. All of the plant-based recipes I’ve found are just so much more exciting than the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We’ll certainly be trying some of these delicious looking recipes!

  • I love this post! The recipes look yum but I particularly like that you linked to a sustainable turkey site. Because while in reality not everyone will consider being vegetarian or vegan -we ALL have the choice to choose food that was raised kindly. Happy Thanksgiving!