today i will walk to my grandmother's house for a visit. she'll be turning 89 this october and she is so exuberantly full of life. her favorite color is blue and she will undoubtedly be wearing several different shades of it today. we will spend the afternoon together with the air cut off, the curtains drawn and the windows open. we will talk about family, the past and also the future. she will show me around all of her house plants (some 97 and counting), some dating back to 50 years old or more. she will share with me some lemons from her lemon tree that she ever so carefully moves inside and out each season, self pollinating it with a paint brush every year. she will show me her ever so fragile tomato seedlings that she's started on the heat bed that my grandfather built her some ten years ago before he passed away. we will almost certainly play a game of skip-bo and sip on a can of dr. pepper through a salvaged straw she's saved from eating out. this will be the only soda i drink until we meet again. we will talk about life, love and prayer. though she's in excellent health, not being around her is one of the hardest things about not living here anymore. i can't bare to think that i'm missing out on the simple joys of her life like the ones above. but that's what makes days like this so special.

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  • Hello. I think it’s great to listen to old people. They always tell such beautiful stories and it’s very interesting. You should spend more time with grandparents, because you never know how long they life…
    I wish you much fun! =)
    Best regards, Evi

  • Your lovely post has me thinking about my 96 year old grandmother. Grandma helped raise me and is so much a part of who I am. She lives so far away that I don’t see her often, and she is nearly deaf so it’s hard to talk on the phone anymore.

    But I’m going to call her now anyway, just to say “I love you”.


  • What a beautiful post to wake up too. Sounds like a perfect day. I love the part about the Dr. Pepper and reused straw. Whenever I went to see my Grandpa I always had root beer:) Its so hilarious the things grandparents say. The other day my Grandma called me and I quote, “a little stinker.” Because I hadn’t called in a week. Shame on me:)

    I hope you have a wonderful day with your Grandma!

  • this makes me miss my grandmother so much but smile with joy because of who she is and how much i love her, the plant thing made me laugh because my grandma was like that too! and she definitely passed it on to me because i have plants all over haha!

  • I love love love this post! My grandmother is currently recovering from a stroke but she is still vibrant! She’ll be 90 in August and we can’t wait to celebrate with her!

  • Yes, you do have a special grandmother. My memories of my grandma are very special, and I went back to them just reading this. Thank you for that very special time!

  • hi everyone! i’m so glad you enjoyed this post, and i’m so happy to have inspired many of you to think about your own grandmothers. :)

    the afternoon was as sweet as promised and we did everything i thought we would. she wore a beautiful shade of blue, and we talked about so many things. i got to see her seedlings, play skip-bo and even have my pepsi! new to this trip was a long talk about the 1940s and what life was like. what the war was like and how things used to be. it was magical. :)

  • Wonderful post Bonnie! Gets me thinking about many precious visits with my grandparents. I lost my grandma in 2009 but I am definitely giving my grandpa a call today:)