my weekend getaway

weekend getaway

hello, lovelies! how are you? how was your holiday weekend? this past week my mister was out of town for work, so my sister came to visit from north carolina. we had so much fun exploring the area (something i hadn't had much time to do you yet) and wanted to quickly share with you some adventures we went on. we headed up north and spent the day exploring a little place called avila beach. and let me tell you, what a little treasure we found!

weekend getaway

weekend getaway

we went sea kayaking, and though the marine layer (that so often settles here in the summer) was thick and foggy, the scenery was still beautiful. we got to see several california seals, a cute little otter, a few sea caves and even some whales!

weekend getaway

weekend getaway

to top it off we visited a miniauture donkey farm (everyone say awwww) and finished the night off by soaking in an all natural hot spring. if you ever come to the central coast of california, let me suggest you visit avila beach, the avila valley barn, and eat at the olde port inn. you'll have so much fun!


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  • Looks wonderful Bonnie! I used to love the foggy mornings in Pacific Grove when we lived there. I highly recommend venturing up that way!

  • Bonnie, so happy you went to Avila Beach! San Luis and the central coast is one of my favorite spots on this earth! Casey and I wish more than anything we could afford to live there! I’ll have to try sea kayaking next time!

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    See you around Avila