road trip part 2: arizona wrap up

happy monday, friends! did you have a good weekend? our friday and saturday was filled with good food, friends and lots of sunshine. all day yesterday (16 hours, total) were spent in route to our next destination: texas for a day before we continue homeward-bound! before we moved on, i wanted to wrap up our week in arizona for you with a few more pictures!

arizona road trip
arizona road triparizona road trip
handstands for arizona!
arizona road trip
there's just nothing better than waking up to the sunshine and fresh morning air. the weather was near perfect, highs around 80 during the day and lows of about 40 at night. hello, sunshine!

arizona road trip
these are the shadows of our life!

and of course, toaster has been with us all along. click over to the dog blog to see his side of the journey!

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  • Lovely photos. You were here at the perfect time of year too, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

    I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life and can’t imagine living any where else. *love*

  • Love the photos Bonnie!
    Would be keen to know, fitness wise, what a week looks like for you and the husband. Looks like you guys get out there hiking, biking and running A LOT!

    • hi jessie! haha, i guess we do get out a bunch! my husband does A LOT more than i do. he’s a pro cyclist so he rides his bike around 15-25 hours a week, then he’ll go for a walk, light jog or hike with me on top of that. as for me, i try to run 3-4 miles 3-5 times a week and go for a walk or hike on my off days. if i’m not feeling the run, i’ll replace it with a walk as well- i just try to listen to my body and do something everyday. i’ll also add on some yoga several times a week, usually just at home on my own mat and do 100 lunges every day- HHA! its an easy and quick way to keep those legs strong. anyways, i generally don’t spend more than an hour a day on exercise. does that help?