all natural sunscreen

all natural sunscreen

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i know some of you still have snow covered grounds, and others of you may be pulling out your jackets for the upcoming winter season, but no matter what the weather, we all need to protect our precious skin, right? it seems that every year i struggle finding a decent sunscreen. i get weary of reading labels and finding chemical after chemical listed. i have tried several all natural sunscreens, and while some have worked, others have left me burnt, white streaked or greasy. so my question for you today is,

have you found an all natural, chemical free sunscreen that you like?

please do share! i'm desperate.

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  • I don’t have an answer specific to sunscreen, but I use several Say Yes to Carrots products (lotion, shampoo/conditioner)and really like them! The natural sunscreen is high on my priority list this year. I slather too much on my kiddos to not be concerned! After all the skin is our biggest organ.

    One of my favorite magazines is Whole Living. This is an article from that gives some good recommendations.

  • I really like Burt’s Bees products but not their sunscreen. It is cakey and yellowish. Very disappointing.
    I’m still trying to find a good sunscreen (with no nanoparticles) that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • check out

    spf 28

    ingredients are listed at the website. I have had people tell me it worked for them in the Sahara Desert. I’m biased, but I do love all their products.

  • No opinion yet … but I just bought the Alba. Due to some skin issues, I’ll be needing an everyday sunscreen … and I’m weary of using any of them. I’ll let you know what I think of the Alba after I’ve used it a couple times. ;)

  • we use california baby sunscreen! i haven’t found one for adults, mostly because i haven’t looked hard…i’ve either used the california baby, or target spray on. eep.

  • i teach outdoor swimming lessons in the summer, the only natural sunblock i’ve tried so far is the badger lavender scented one. it smells AWESOME but my skin would not absorb it at all. i felt so greasy at the pool all day! Would not recommend :(