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glass straws

glass straws

STRAWS. when’s the last time you thought about a straw? for me, it’s been a while. i decided to give them up a long time ago in efforts to save plastic, but there are still times where i just want.a.straw. i mean, i have sensitive teeth!

CONCERN: did you know that over 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the united states every day? that’s about 38,000 straws per person during their lifetime, and that’s a BIG issue. we’re filling our landfills and using plastic like it’s nobody’s business. (you can read more about these statistics here.)

SOLUTION: of course, we could all just be straw free. but like i said, sometimes you just want.a.straw. turns out, their are alternatives to straws popping up everywhere- from paper to bamboo!

i believe my favorites are these handmade glass straws. they have a lifetime guarentee and are made from the same glass that pyrex is made from! they come with a little brush cleaner and are also dishwasher safe. you can even order a hemp straw sleeve to keep one in, making it easy to use them on the go.

stainless steel straws

here are a few other resources for great straw alternatives. not only are they eco-friendly, but i think they also add a really nice eclectic touch to the table!

glass straws: straws by carli, dharma glass

stainless steel straws: brook farm general store

you can also read more over at

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  • I would have to live for 100 years and use at least one straw a day to use 38,000 in my lifetime! I do love these glass straws though….

    • dear ‘me’ at ‘[email protected]’,
      actually, 500 million straws are distributed each day which averages 1.6 straws per person (in the US) per day. based on this national average, each person in the US will use approximately 38,000 or more straws between the ages of 5 and 65. you can read more about the statistics and how they got them here: i’m glad you do like the straws, though. :)

  • Bonnie, this was a very interesting blog post! I actually had thought about this a long time ago (one of those fleeting thoughts!) but it is true, these wonderful drinking tools do hurt our Earth. Plus, it is one more item to buy over and over (we don’t use them too much though). Thanks for writing about this!!

  • aw angela, i’m glad you like the post!! it’s a very small thing, but i think when we see the number we realize how the small things add up! i’m thinking about getting everyone re-usable straws for christmas. ;)

  • I LOVE straws. I tend to wash and re-use them as much as I can since I love them so much. These are the PERFECT alternative. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Interesting!!! I do like to drink from a straw. I have tried to break the habit, as I have started getting lines around my lips and I have never smoked to make them :(
    I have some pretty heavy plastic ones I bought to replace one from a certain water bottle, so I keep washing and using – would love the little brush to clean them. I love the glass ones, they’re beautiful! the others are pretty fun looking tho. Thanks for the links!!