fire escape farms

fire escape farms

happy friday friends! boy was i excited to get an email earlier this week from naya peterson introducing me to fire escape farms! she just opened this online gardening store for folks who live in apartments and don't have the space to culitvate a large garden. brilliant! they believe even if you live in an urban space, you can still grow your own food. live in san francisco? they'll even deliver to your door via a bio-diesel wagon.

fire escape farms

with the help of fire escape farms, you can turn even the smallest patch of sunlight into a farm and be eating home-grown food in no time! i especially love the sky planter and the wally one. with everything from seeds and soil to books and planters, you city folk can now get your hands dirty, no problem!

and just to make your friday a little sweeter, she's offering a special discount to ghtr readers! enter the coupon code "homegrown" at checkout to receive 10% off through may 25th!

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  • What a great store concept! I love that they have such a beautiful array of planters. I’m so with you on the sky planter. I like them for herbs, but I absolutely love them for house plants, too. The orchid in the photo is just begging to live in my home!

  • this is great.. I’ll def look into this when I get an apartment in the city
    this is such a creative and useful way to fill space.. and get the wonderful smells too