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today i want to direct your attention to another article in the blogsphere. the topic? dairy. it can be somewhat of a controversial topic, but i would at least like you to read this article with an open mind and hear her out. you can see my take on it in the article's comment section, and i would be interested to hear your story. go ahead and hop on over to read the thing about dairy. we'll chat soon!

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  • This was a very interesting article, Bonnie. I am glad you posted it. I TOTALLY agree that we have been sold the idea that dairy products = calcium. Most people probably wouldn’t even know the calcium content of vegetables. I am interested in what others have to say as i think dairy in general is becoming a controversial subject in the health world. Here is an article I enjoyed reading:

  • I put so much effort into making our family’s food healthful and beneficial to our bodies that I feel a great obligation to look into this and form a strong, educated opinion. I’m not there yet, but you’ve bumped it up on my to do list. interesting article!

    • jes, love your approach on this! just something to read more about when you have time. most importantly, try not to feel overwhelmed (as i often think it’s easy to do), just educate yourself along the way and make subtle changes. :) xox!

  • my pediatrician told my mother that cow’s milk is for baby cows, period. so we never drank a lot of milk or ate much dairy. we had it if we wanted it, but generally it wasn’t served to us. but we did ALWAYS have a ton of veggies. our plates always looked like what they recommmend these days…mostly veggies, little meat, little carb. and our desserts were fruit and our snack was a mix of raisins, cheerios, and peanuts! lol. so, I guess my mom was ahead of her time in that manner. I am 33 as a reference lol