it's friday already?! not sure how that happened...

make your own hammock

{make your own hammock}

this weekend is going to be a little hectic. today the tour of california comes through our town of solvang, so the mister is busy busy tending to athletes and supporting the race. tonight we will be attending a gala for the event and the excitment that has been building for months now will come to a close. as for me, i have plans of crafty things (of course). i've got seat cushions to make, bottles to paint and hammocks to build.

did i say hammocks to build? YES. hammocks to build! i've got a huge piece of striped canvas that's just screaming to be made into a hammock. for now i'm planning on following these directions from outside mom, but also enjoyed watching this video on the art of hammocking by mary jane's farm.

what are you doing this weekend?

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