my favorite way to dry herbs

herb drying

there's nothing quite as satisfying, more delicious, (or cheaper!) than drying your own herbs.

herb drying
i am blessed to have fresh rosemary, oregano, and lavender growing in my yard (with some mint and basil patiently waiting to be planted) and yesterday i grabbed a few clippings from each of them.

herb drying

one of my favorite kitchen gadgets has been my ceramic herb drier. mine looks like a 'ribbon' that has been placed in somewhat of a figure eight shape, and though i can't find this exact one, i found several that would do the trick. just rinse your herbs and place them in the 'vase' until they are dry enough to harvest.

herb drying

1. vertical pod wall vase; $29

2. blue and brown hasta wall vase; $34

3. textured teal beaded wall vase; $24

4. cage wall sculpture; $42

what is your favorite way to dry herbs?

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