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it seems as though since i've moved to the valley, lavender has become abundant in my life. i find myself drinking lavender lemonade nearly everyday, i cut bouquets of it from my yard and add it to my baked purple potatoes. to top it off, we have a lavender farm just around the corner. lined with olive trees from the 1800's, it's a beautiful place to visit and they offer lavender infused goodies from chap stick to puppy shampoo. today, i thought i would share with you some of the very many uses of lavender oil, right from their website.

some uses of lavender are:

- rub lavender oil on the feet for a calming effect on the body.
- put two to three drops on minor burns to decrease pain and promote healing.
- put a drop of oil on a cut to stop bleeding.
- place on dry or chapped skin.
- rub some oil into the scalp to reduce dandruff.
- apply 2-3 drops in the armpit for use as a deodorant.
- use essential oil to help heal cold sores.
- place oil on a cotton ball and place in closets or drawers to add fragrance to linens and also to repel insects.
- place a few drops of oil on a damp cloth and place in the dryer to deodorize and freshen laundry.
- rub several drops on the palms of hands and inhale deeply to alleviate hay fever symptoms.
- massage lavender oil into areas of scarring to minimize scars.
- place a drop of essential lavender oil in water fountains to add fragrance and reduce time between cleanings.
- use lavender oil as an antiseptic.
- place two drops of oil on temples to reduce headaches.
- place two drops on pillows to promote relaxation and sleep.
- apply lavender oil to rashes and insect bites to reduce irritation.
- rub a drop of oil on the bridge of the nose to unblock tear ducts.
- to alleviate motion sickness, place a drop on the end of the tongue, behind the ears or around the navel.

do you have any other favorite ways to use lavender or lavender oil? please share with us in the comment section!

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