urban chicken coops

urban chicken coops

you all know i love chickens. i used to have a dozen, and though i had to leave them behind in north carolina, i love hearing our neighbor's in the morning. with small living on the mind, these coops seemed just right.

#1. this modern chicken coop is my favorite- the nogg transcends ideas of what a chicken house usually looks like. it is designed to encourage domestic farming while adding a touch of playful elegance, and would look just stunning next to a small house in the city (or any house, anywhere for that matter).

#2. the eglu classic is a coop for the 21st century, featuring spacious open plan living for 2 - 4 medium size chickens or up to 5 bantams, it is a stylish and practical addition to any garden. designed to be comfortable for the chickens and effortless for you, the eglu classic makes keeping chickens rewarding and fun.

#3. inspired for creating a world away from the battery hen factories, the cocorico would literally be heaven for any chick. with animal welfare first and foremost, maxime evrard created something to encourage domestic farming and support a more sustainable method of raising hens.

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