Green Tea Frappe Recipe

One of my favorite frozen drinks is the green tea frappe. A very interesting taste experience, green tea frappes feature the slight bitterness of green tea, complimented by the sweetness of milk and cream. Blended with ice, this drink is a cool treat for warm weather.

In coffee houses, green tea frappes are almost always made with matcha green tea, which is a powdered form of green tea leaves. My recipe does not use matcha powder, but rather, a more traditional method for blending lattes into frappes. For this reason, this recipe will not produce the signature green color of matcha powder - the frozen drink will be tea-colored.


brewed green tea

3 additional green tea bags

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup crushed ice cubes

1/2 cup milk*

optional whipped cream topping

1/2 cup whipping cream

2 tablespoons sugar

* milk can be switched for any other milk substitute, such as soy or rice milk.


Begin with the green tea-infused simple syrup. Heat sugar and water in small sauce pan, stirring often. Bring to a boil, and add vanilla. Let boil for about 30 seconds, and remove from heat. Immediately drop in 3 green tea bags, and let tea bags steep in syrup until syrup as cooled completely; remove tea bags.

Next, brew a cup of green tea - I made mine extra-strength, with two tea bags. Let tea cool completely.

Crush ice in a blender until it is fine enough to be consumed with a straw. Fill a cup with crushed ice. Pour in 1/2 cup green tea, 1/2 cup milk, and 1/4 cup of green tea syrup; stir. Experiment and adjust with more or less tea, milk, or syrup to get the flavor that you enjoy.

Directions for whipped cream

Combine whipping cream and sugar in a bowl; beat with a hand-mixer on high for 3 minutes or until cream is thick and fluffy. Spoon whipped cream on top of green tea frappe.

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  • I love green tea so much, and thought that making bubble tea was the only thing that I could do with it that would make the heat bearable. No more. I will learn from you, and create greater and more fantastic summertime cool tea treats.

  • Great recipe which I am saving for future use. Had a horrible unsweetened matcha green tea frappe from a coffee house which your recipe saved my drink instead of pouring it down the drain . I used your syrup and used your milk amount suggestion with my unsweetened matcha frapp . I will be using your recipe to save me big bucks on my fave summer frapp but will be using powder green tea which I have athome.Will check your other drink recipes.

  • Holy green tea! This recipe is AMAZING! I put less sugar and vanilla in my simple syrup than the recipe called for and it is still so good! It’s green tea, whipped cream goodness and I love it! Seriously, it’s like angels are frolicking across your taste buds! Thanks so much!

  • Oh mah lord! This tastes awesome!! Alot better than i expected! Its very refreshing and green tea is good for your health! Its practically Starbucks worthy!! Great recipe and thanks for sharing^~^

  • A heads up to anyone who wants to make this: a tsp of vanilla can be pretty overpowering, so I suggesting cutting it down a little more. I’m certainly going to make this again though.

  • Ok so my favorite drink at Starbucks is a Green Tea Cream Frapp and I’ve been desperately trying to find a recipe that mimics this drink and I think I found it!! I was so pleased with the outcome of this drink and it tastes almost identical to he Starbucks version.