a font affair- sans serif edition!


hello, friends! my latest font affair has been with serif, sans serif and fixed-width fonts. i just love them! i'm not sure if you've noticed, but i'm beginning to see many blogs starting to stray away from using lots of fancy fonts to using more basic ones with a few fancier ones mixed in as accents. this gives the posts a more editorial, magazine-like feel. to help you get a jump start on the trend, look no further. a font affair- sans serif edition saves the day! :)

below you'll find links to each font, and as usual all are free!
1. bebas neue
2. goudy bookletter 1911
3. derivia
4. foglihten
5. znikomit
6. champagne & limousines
7. optimus princeps
8. monofur
9. will & grace
10. pharmacy
11. clemente
12. honey badger
13. fortunata
14. american purpose
15. caviar dreams
16. passion sans
17. keytin
18. florence
19. st ryde
20. london mm
21. tex gyre adventor
22. museo
23. oksansa
24. europe underground
25. patagonia
26. quicksand
27. apple garamond
28. headline
29. cicle
30. lane

not sure how to use new fonts? please refer to the download instructions found here!

a font affair

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