your darling blog design workshop

happy monday, lovelies! today i'm excited to share with you that the lovely jo klima (designer of ghtr) is offering the your darling blog workshop again! and i'm extra-excited to say that this time, i'll be taking it!

your darling blog

your darling blog design workshop is for bloggers who want to learn how to infuse more of their personality into their online space. over the course of 7 weeks, jo teaches you how to create a blog design, infuse it with your personality and find your style.

your darling blog

if you're interested, don't delay! the next workshop begins june 25th and registration closes this friday, june 22nd. head on over to your darling blog to find out more about registration, see testimonials and read the FAQ's.

i hope to see you in class!

jo klima elsewhere: workshop | blog | website | twitter | facebook

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  • Hi again Bonnie, I really wanted to know, is the course only focused on designing in Photoshop? Or does it actually go into implementing it on an actual site, for example into WordPress, etc.

    Thanks, any insights you have is greatly appreciated. I’m trying to decide if I want to take her future courses or do another similar course from another blogger.


    • hi sasha! this is a question better suited for jo (who does the e-course) but i can tell you that it does mainly focus on designing the blog, not implementing it. there’s so much to cover on how to design a great blog, that going in to the coding would be over load for this course. she does however give you lots of resources for finding a programmer, etc.