your darling blog workshop

hello lovelies! i'm sure a few of you have explored the bottom of my blog enough to discover who designed it - the most talented jo klima from the darling tree and august empress. i just can't say enough wonderful things about her! she's done several design projects for me and is so sweet and lovely to work with. she's simply the whole package!

your darling blogtoday, i'm excited to share with you a new workshop she's offering called your darling blog. if you’ve ever wanted a custom-design for your blog then this workshop is for you! your darling blog is for bloggers who want to infuse more of their personality into their online space, and jo takes your step by step how to create a blog design that expresses who you are this 5 week e-course. visit your darling blog to learn more and register, but hurry- registration just opened and the class is  limited to 25 people!

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  • Yes! I have checked out who made your awesome design! I love your blog and it makes me relax whenever I stop by. Very pleasing to my eyes. I’m definitely considering taking this course. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of changing my blog’s name and am having a hard time. I want something that represents me but allows me to write about all sorts of topics. Odd question but how do you think “Freckled Joy” sounds?

    I’m having “blog envy” because there are so many wonderful names out there and it’s so hard to find the perfect fit!

    • hi angela! thank you so much for your sweet note! and, i like freckled joy! i agree that it’s hard, all the good names seem to be taken, haha!