diy covered mousepad

diy mousepad

hello, friends! today i have a sweet little diy to share with you. we've been using the same old mousepad for a while now, and though it started out pretty and white, it soon became dirty and drab. here to save the day was a little fabric and fusible!

diy covered mousepad

here's what you'll need:

- one mousepad. mine is round and from ikea, but any size will do!
- a piece of fusible web big enough to cover the size of your mousepad. my favorite is lite steam-a-seam 2.
- a piece of pretty fabric big enough to cover the size of your mousepad.
- an iron
- some scissors
- and a pencil

diy covered mousepad


1) place your mousepad on the paper liner of your fusible web and trace around it.

2) remove the second liner (check to see which liner removes first by peeling apart at the corner. trace on the liner that still attached to the web).

3) stick the fusible web to the wrong side of your fabric.

4) cut out the fusible web and the fabric together along your traced line.

5) peel off remaining paper liner (leaving the web on the fabric) and stick to the top of your mousepad- line it up perfectly!

6) press for 10-15 seconds with your iron on medium heat (since some mousepads might be sensitive to high heat, test a small area first. you might even want to lay down a piece of fabric on top of the mousepad before you press ot to act as a heat barrier).

*make sure to follow the package directions on your fusible web as they all tend to vary slightly.

diy covered mousepad

and voila! the fusible web is permanent and machine washable. it also allows you to leave your edges unfinished as it won't fray or lift. hooray!

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