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Free Photoshop Actionscolours of summer - free photoshop actions download

oh, happy tuesday! i love the excitement of perusing the world wide web in search of utter inspiration and enjoyment. as you can imagine, i was thrilled this morning to stumble across annie's photoshop blog, and in particular this free photoshop actions download called colours of summer. above you can see 8 of them in her collage, and below you can see my own version of all twelve effects.

Free Photoshop Actionsfree and easy to use (download comes with easy to follow instructions!)- head on over to funky photoshop actions and give her some love!

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  • Hey there! I came across your blog in search of answers on what happened to Funky Photoshop Actions. It looks like their blog has been down for the last few days. I saved their webpage instead of downloading the actions right away because I was waiting to get photoshop for my computer. Now that I have it is there anyway you could post it here to be downloaded? Like I said I can’t access their blog and I’m super sad about it! If not it’s no big deal.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • hey taylor! oh, so sad! unfortunately, i would have to get the download from there website as well! hopefully they will be up and running again soon. so sorry!

  • Bonnie, I just came to your site when I searched for free photoshop actions – with link but the website is not a real website for photo action .. do you know if they are no longer in business? I read the note above and looks like it’s been down since 2012. Do you have the file where we can download the files other than their website? Thanks so much in advance.

    • hi grace! it looks like they are no longer a website indeed. i unfortunately don’t have the file to offer, either. i’m so sorry! try doing a few searches for free photoshop actions though, i’m sure you’ll find some great ones! xo