keep organized: printable christmas gift list

printable christmas gift list

each year i print out a little christmas gift list to help keep all the gifts i buy/make for others organized. this way, i can see what i'm giving everyone and make sure i don't forget anything! this year, i've also added a 'wrapped' check box, just to make sure everything arrives in the mail and gets put under the tree.

printable christmas gift list

i begin each year by jotting down the ideas i have for everyone (in pencil). then, as i purchase (or make) each item, i put a check mark in the box labeled 'bought'. then, i check them off one more time as i wrap them just to be sure nothing gets forgotten. i also usually jot down the price next to the item, so i can keep track of what i spend each year!

printable christmas gift list

because there's nothing worse than having a loved one find your gift list, i've added an optional 'side 2' to this printable. to use, just turn your piece of paper over and print these two 'no peeking' labels on the back. fold from top to bottom, then right to left and the labels will show on both sides when your list is folded.

i hope this helps keeps your holidays organized! love, bonnie

p.s. don't worry mom, this isn't actually what i'm getting you!

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