12 goals for 2012

new thoughts for the new year. for me, january marks a time for reflection and a time for planning. a renewing of my mind always seems to occur as i find myself thankful for the past and eager for the future.

i just finished reflecting on my goals for 2011 and am happy to say that i have accomplished most of them, and am working still on a few of them. below you'll find my thoughts and goals for this year!

let it go no. 1

12 thoughts and goals for 2012:

1) start a garden at our new place.

2) keep focused on communication with all of my friends and family across the states.

3) get my dad out to california.

4) start soaking my own beans and sprouting my own sprouts.

5) continue to educate myself on the subjects that are near to my heart (food, health and creative endeavors).

6) continue to put God first. in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way.

7) get back into my yoga routine.

8) submit a design portfolio to the fabric company of my dreams.

9) start saving above our norm, in efforts to prepare for a home and family in the coming years.

10) practice presence. life flies by to quickly.

11) visit bend, the grand canyon, lake tahoe and santa cruz.

12) nourish my creativity.

your turn! won't you share one of your goals for the new year with us?

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