25 memories from 2011

happy 2012 lovelies! 2011 was a beautiful year in my life. today i thought i would share some of my favorite memories from it with you.

2011 memories

1) moved to the most beautiful wine country in california.

2) found the perfect vine covered converted barn to live in.

2011 memories
3) joined a csa at our local organic farm.

4) started teaching yoga!

5) traveled cross country several times (35,000 miles worth to be exact).

2011 memories
6) hiked 18 miles and climbed 4500 feet in one day at yosemite to see the most breathtaking view, rainbow and waterfall.

2011 memories
7) designed my first repeating pattern.

8) received my first order from spoonflower!

knekkebrød recipe

9) became a vegan- and absolutely love it.

10) didn't get sick once, woo hoo!

11) discovered that being vegan is not only healthy, but absolutely delicious and rewarding.

2011 memories

12) had a Christmas party on the beach.

13) received my favorite purchase of the year- a wacom pad.

14) got the best birthday present- the birth of a best friends baby!

15) soaked in a natural hot springs in the middle of the forest.

16) made new family memories on the opposite side of the country.

17) fell even deeper in love with my husband, and i didn't think that was possible.

18) experienced God and his plan for us in a more evident way than ever.

19) missed my mom. alot.

20) learned how to brew my own kombucha.

how to make your own tea

21) fell in love with tea.

22) got a minivan and named her nutmeg.

23) got the best hair cut i've ever had.

24) quenched my thirst from a natural spring.

25) saw the prettiest sunset.

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  • What a great, inspiring list! Have you posted about Kombucha before? I’m definitely keen to learn more about it. A friend of mine was going to give me a ‘baby’ so I could brew my own but then I became pregnant and wasn’t sure if I should be drinking something so new to my system. Anywho ;) Love your blog, and have for what seems like years! I Check in everyday! Look forward to all your posts in 2012 xx

    • @kristi and miss jessie: glad to hear i’ve got some kombucha lovers out there! i haven’t posted about it before, but i’ll get to work on that. ;)

  • You stole my heart with this post!!! I am so excited to follow it knowing that you are vegan …and new at it:) I buy kombucha at the health food store everytime I go now all the while knowing I would save money if I figured out how to make it …this inspires me!

  • This has been the most wonderful post ever. I’ve never commented before, but this one deserves it! It has been a great year for me too, and I think we share aprox 15 of the 25! Hope you have a great 2012 too. Lots of love all the way from Argentina. (nothing can beat the summer Xmases, right?)

  • Congratulations on becoming a vegan last year! I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years. I can’t give up dairy completely though. I love Pinkberry too much. Here’s to a great 2012!