8 movies i’ve enjoyed lately

we've been on quite the movie kick lately (i.e. we're tired of summer programming) so i thought i'd share some of my latest favorites with you. have you seen anything good lately?

summer 2012 movies

1. the hunter - one of our favorites- an unpredictable storyline that the men will enjoy as well.
2. the hunger games - i just finished reading the series, so of course. :)
3. born to be wild - adorable, educational and very entertaining (and short!).
4. salmon fishing in the yemen - a fly fishing love story.
5. sarah's key - one for a more serious kind of evening.
6. the lucky one - beautiful and romantic (and david survived it alright).
7. wanderlust - funny and light hearted (for the hippy in you).
8. the vow - sad and happy all at the same time.

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  • The only one of these I have watched is The Hunter. It is such a bitter sweet film. Not at all what I expected when it started. I really liked it though. I am going to check out some of the others. Thanks for the reminder on a couple of them.

  • I haven’t seen any of these but most of them are on my want to see list, thanks for posting, its always good to get a recommendation before you rent something! I love that you say David survived The Lucky One, good to know when trying to convince my other half to watch!

  • Thanks Bonnie!! I am not a very good movie wathcer though… I’m reading the book here on the right “thrive the vegan nutrition guide”. It’s really good! Have you read The China Study? Or watched the movie fork over knives?

  • Salmon Fishing is on my to-watch list and The Hunter looks good, too. We have a hard time finding movies we both like; we’re often reduced to ‘taking turns’ like we’re 5 or something, lol! We recently watched an Aussie film called ‘Red Dog’ and LOVED it. Definitely going on our top 5 of 2012 in terms of films. Check it out if you haven’t seen it!

  • I’ve seen all of them except The Vow (which is on my next list) & Born to be Wild (not so much an animal movie fan). I was pleasantly surprised by The Hunter and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – neither of these were what I expected.

    I just watched What to Expect When your Expecting & Snow White & the Huntsman. WTEWYE was a cute chick flick. The adoption ceremony when they pick up their baby was very touching – almost like a wedding except they say “Congratulations! You are now a family!” I loved the sneeze birth scene! And I thought it was funny that all the dad’s had a sort of man-crush on the hot werewolf from True Blood.

    In SW&TH, Charlize Theron is really amazing as Ravena the evil step mother queen. The costumes she wears are beautiful. The storyline explains why she is evil & you actually feel sorry for her.

    Chris Hemsworth plays the huntsman sent to kill Snow White & he’s good looking but he’s not quite as hot looking as he was in Thor. There did seem to be a few sparks between him and Snow White. (Maybe she should’ve slept with him instead of the director!)

    I liked Kristen Stewart better in this movie than in the vampire movies. But Charlize Theron steals the show.

  • I’ve seen all of those except 1, 4 & 5. I had a friend tell me about Sarah’s key though…sounds sad. I watched Wanderlust with my mom….it was hilarious, although as you know, there were some awkward moments to watch with my mom! :)