avanti cafe- my new favorite restaurant

avanti cafedavid and i were able to sneak away this past weekend for a quiet beach-side getaway, and were so excited to discover a new favorite restaurant. that doesn't happen often, as my last favorite restaurant ranked first for over 2 years, but avanti cafe located in newport beach, california has easily surpassed even my highest expectations!

avanti cafewith a completely vegetarian menu, avanti cafe is tucked away in an unassuming shopping nook. upon the first moment you walk in, you're greeted, sat down and immediately served some scrumptious veggies and onion jam. candles are lit in hanging metal nests in the window and the just-loud-enough-music sets a jazz type vibe.

avanti cafeeverything they serve comes out on unique handmade pottery dishes and pieces, and amongst my favorite was this salt and pepper tray. the first time we ate here (yes, that means we went twice!) was for dinner. we got the peanut & pumpkin hush puppies, hot tacos, arugula & spinach pesto pizza and the shiitake artichoke pesto pizza.

avanti cafeduring our whole meal, we just kept shaking our heads. we were completely blown away with the flavors, and could have ordered the whole meal again as soon as we had taken our last bite. it was quite possibly the best vegan fare we've ever had.

avanti cafewhen we learned they were serving a special easter brunch, we were sure to plan our day around it!

avanti cafeeaster brunch consisted of cranberry walnut french toast and golden tofu bruschetta, all served with seasonal fresh fruit, oven roasted herbed home fried red potatoes & garnet yams, coffee or tea and this delightful dessert of a vegan cookie and chocolate cupcake. seriously y'all, this is good eats.

avanti cafe

avanti cafeso needless to say, we were happy campers and fell in love with this sustainable, seasonal, vegetarian and completely delicious new find. we'll be sure to go every time we're in the area!

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  • Looks amazing! Here in Kansas the restaurants are quite boring with their meat and potatoes galore, as if that’s all people want to eat… :/

  • I’ve been there and I love it too! I live in a neighboring city to Newport, so when I’m in the area, I try to stop in. Glad you enjoyed it as well :)

  • Oh wow! That looks like a delightful time :) Wish we had one of those restaurants up here. Though, in Portland, I wouldn’t surprised if there was something close to it. Thanks for sharing (and making my mouth water!) haha