frolicking with katie daisy

last week, i was so excited to have my dear friend katie daisy and her country-folk-singing-beau, luke redfield, come stay with us. they were able to take a quick break from their road trip around the country to swing by our humble abode and rest for a bit.

for those of you who might not be familiar with katie's work, you should hop over and take a glance at it before reading the rest of this post. she's not only the most talented artist i know, but her work represents a much bigger purpose. beneath the fluttering butterflies and spring colors lies a deeper meaning. each piece overflows with katie's beautiful soul and longing to make the world a more joyful place. her work is heartfelt, stunningly beautiful and an inspiration to so many people!

much like her artwork, katie is full of life, energy and good vibes. she is ever so kind, lovely and intentional with her day to day life. i am so blessed to have her as a friend, and as i know many of you enjoy her work, i thought you might like to take a glimpse into the few days we spent together!

frolicking with katie dasiy

along with our many adventures of visiting the farmer's market, walking amongst the lavender fields and feeding the ostriches (say, what?) we of course took some time to paint!

frolicking with katie dasiy

frolicking with katie dasiy

frolicking with katie dasiy

frolicking with katie dasiy

we stayed up late (really late) a few nights and painted together. i'm no expert so i enjoyed watching katie's process and tried to soak up every little detail along the way. can you guess which side of the table i was painting on? :)

frolicking with katie dasiy

i especially enjoyed watching katie prep some art for a new project she's working on. she looks pretty good at my computer, right? i'm thinking she should just move in..

frolicking with katie dasiy

and perhaps our favorite moment? when we realized we're going to have to start collecting sunglasses to use as camera filters. (can you see me in the reflection? click on the picture to make it bigger!)

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  • Bonnie, you are SO LOVED! Thank you so much for letting me and Luke stay at your beautiful nook in the California countryside… it was a DREAM and I can’t wait to come back! I am beyond grateful for our friendship.

    Sending you oooodles of love today :)

  • I love and admire Katie’s work so much! I just began reading your blog recently and have been soaking in all of your posts. I was so delighted to read that you’re friends with one of my favorite artists! It made me have a little… everything’s perfect with the world… moment! :)

  • Bonnie this is SO awesome!!! I didn’t realize she was out there to see you! LOVE you and can’t wait to see you!!!

  • Love Katie Daisy’s work! I am so interested in the concept of the sunglasses. That looks like a cool trick. Glad you both had a great time together!