houston quilt market part 2

my time spent at houston quilt market this past weekend was amazing- even life changing. i know so many of you enjoyed yesterday's sneak peek, i wanted to just post a few more from the trip.

houston quilt market 2012 (2)

houston quilt market 2012 (1)

tula pink and her magical booth!

houston quilt market 2012

houston quilt market 2012 (3)

another breathtaking booth by the lovely anna maria horner.

houston quilt market 2012 (4)

especially loved jessica swift's new fabric line with blend!

houston quilt market 2012

cutie booth.

houston quilt market 2012 (6)

going home a happy girl.. on a propeller plane. (?!)

houston quilt market 2012 (5)

a propeller rainbow!

do you sew, quilt or love to buy pretty fabrics?

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  • I am having such textile envy right now. I can sew but consider myself a novice since I don’t have a lot of time or opportunities to sit down and do it. I am a fabric, ribbon, thread, yarn, junkie!! I love the colors, textures, and patterns! It’s a good thng I don’t have the $ to just buy buy buy or I’d have piles of fabric just to look at! ;)

  • I sew a bit, not very good, but I’m practicing! I just seem to lack the time to do it these days. *sigh* But I do looooooooooooooove pretty fabrics! I have lots of them that I’ve got stashed away for projects I’d like to make but never quite get to.

  • so much fun, bonnie!! I love love to sew and buy pretty fabrics. In Nashville we used to live right around the corner from a great fabric store called textile fabrics. here in alabama, the closest we have to a good fabric store is joanne’s :(. Pretty fabrics are so expensive I try to save them for special occasions. My mom is a professional window treatment seamstress with her own business so a lot of time I get REALLY NICE leftover fabric from her business that I’m able to use for my sewing adventures. VERY thankful for that!

  • Ahhhh…. I’m so jealous! I’ve always dreamed of going to quilt market, but every year it comes and goes and I just don’t find the time. I hope your trip was fabulous and I absolutely cannot wait to hear what news you might have for us! It was fun to follow along via instagram.

  • Bonnie,,
    I am so excited, happy, and proud of you! I can’t wait to hear your good news!! Your Mom is about to pop, she is so proud of you! Looking so forward to you moving back close to Franklin!

  • Oh wow that new fabric range is just gorgeous. I think I definitely fall into the ‘frustrated artist’ category – love to make beautiful things just never quite sure how!