oh my darling

oh my darling

this little banner almost certainly caught my eye because of my recent addiction to downton abbey (i've even started talking like them!), but i think it's a sweet sentiment and cute twist on traditional bunting. the vintage lithographed letters are made of enamel over steel and hung on rustic twine. i think it would be especially cute at a wedding, over a bed or above a picture wall!

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  • SO! I just started watching Downton Abbey yesterday (where I realized it’s Downton… not Downtown like I wrote in the last comment… silly me). I watched the first episode and thought to myself, “It’s alright… not something I could get hooked on though.” Then I decided that I didn’t feel like washing the dishes yet, so I’d watch just one more episode. Well, that episode turned into the whole first season! hahaha! :) I will begin (finish?) the second season today. ;)

    P.S. Love that banner!

    • hi anna! lol, so funny! i did the same exact thing. i even watched the first 2 episodes and wasn’t intrigued! a few months later i watch the 3rd and got totally hooked!