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we've flown more this year than ever before, and though it's not something that i particularly enjoy, it is something that still amazes me. i always call dibs on the window seat and gaze out with amazement nearly the entire flight. it always bums me out when i see passengers with their window tightly shut focused on some sort of a screen for the entire flight (i can see some of the time, but the whole time?). the beauty of the clouds, geometric shapes of our land and winding streams captivate me. i often think about all the generations who never got to see the earth from this perspective, and i'm thankful for the opportunity.

that's why i really love this window series by jim darling. i think he sees the same beauty!

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  • It could be that looking out the window makes them ill (like me!). I can barely get through a flight with an aisle seat. I prefer when the shade is shut because it helps with my motion sickness.

  • Oh, I never thought about someone getting ill, either! That would be hard to deal with. I always feel too shut in with the shade closed! To me, looking out the window is worship time! Airplanes should have a “window lovers” section for us (with BIG windows), and a section with no windows for those that need it, right? I love this artwork, how whimsical!

  • I agree – the magic of seeing clouds and the earth from that perspective never gets old!! This reminds of me of when my family lived in Colorado, where we could never tire of gazing at the mountains with wonder and joy but many natives often found this funny as they no longer really saw the mountains. How sad!