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happy monday, lovelies! since we've moved to california, i've been eager to share our sweet little vine covered cottage with you. it's actually an old converted barn, equipped with a hay loft and all (that's where our guests sleep)!


you might remember the wishlist i made when we started looking for a new place or even the before pictures i took a while back. i'm not only happy to report that it meets all of my wishlist items, but has turned in to the most relaxing and beautiful place we've ever lived.


the story of how we found it is really a miracle. the housing market here in california is a bit grim (ok, a lot grim), and let's just say way out of our price range! after a few demoralizing days of house hunting, i went home to husband david and cried on his shoulder.

natural light

we had a big prayer session and within about 5 minutes this place popped up on my craigslist iphone app. with unassuming photos and a vague description, we tried to not get our hopes up, but hurried over to look at it.


let's just say, it was perfect. i cried (again) as soon as i saw it. it sits directly on a neighboring vineyard with views of the rolling santa ynez mountains. it's small (about 1000 square feet) but just right for the two of us, and toaster. needless to say, we snatched it up immediately, and have been so blessed by living here!

blogging station! :)

this is where i write to you every day, and i love the bright natural light that fills the space.

{resources: print | chair | mouse pad diy}

desk and designing nook

reading space

here is my small reading nook, cozied up right next to the place where i blog. never keeping inspiration too far away!


my little sewing nook


{resources: magnet strip diy | free to fly print | drawer shelves diy}

my creative spaces

above is my sewing corner, a space in our bedroom that i took for myself!

{resources: chair before and after}


what is the ladder for you ask? for our guests to get in to the hayloft, of course!

{resources: giza tote | look within print}
my new painting nook!

this is the latest addition to our decor, a little painting area. it sits just across the room from my work station.

{resources: driftwood wind chime tutorial}


cookin' nook

at first sight, i thought this cooking nook was a bit quirky, but has ended up being a really great way to work while in the kitchen. everything is just where i need it!


this is where we nest (yup, those are shipping crates!).

{resources: deer pillow | diy deer hanging}


remember this diy patchwork art? this is where it hangs now!

{resources: diy patchwork art | dresser before and after}

outside dining

and maybe one of my favorite features is this wisteria covered arbor. we spend a lot of time here, either reading in the hammocks or entertaining in the evenings.

{resources: diy hammock}
outside dining




a welcome shot, toaster says hello ruff!

{resources: sly fox knocker}

our vine covered converted barn :)

i hope you enjoyed this little tour of our humble abode!

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