point and shoot 10.18.12

this is my week told pictorially. if you’re new to point and shoot, you can catch up here! :)

bonnie christine (4)

whipped out this biz card holder- be on the lookout for the tutorial and wee giveaway next week!

bonnie christine (3)

headband tutorial coming soon!

bonnie christine (5)

recipe for the roost tribe- fig flatbread and fennel pumpkin soup.

bonnie christine (6)

nothing smells better than a roasting pumpkin.

bonnie christine (7)


bonnie christine (1)

materials for a little project. :)

bonnie christine (8)

are you scared?

bonnie christine (9)

sunlight and shadows.

love, bonnie

do you have any favorite photos from your life this week?

instagram this post was made possible by the lovely iphone app, instagram. you can follow me here or find me by searching for @goinghometoroost. all photos by yours truly. :)

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  • I gotta be honest just because I was one big fan of yours… I honestly think you are losing it. At the beginning you used to post beautiful things made by you, your opinion and ideas… now it’s only a big collage of others pictures, recepies, etc. And I think it’s great you have your “tribe” thing,but it’s starting to have a lot of weight in your blog… you are now more like a commercial blog, selling itself and giving your readers nothing to really care about.
    I’m not telling you this in order to criticize you, I’m telling you this as an opinion (and other opinions that told me the same thing) of an ex fan of yours. Please take it as positive feedback

    • hi marianne, i’m so sorry you feel this way- it makes me sad. if you’ll stick around though, i think you might enjoy a few things i have in the works. just in this post alone i’ve shared pictures of two pretty projects and a recipe- tutorials for each coming up in the next few weeks. i also have an amazing video interview and workbook coming out next week with a lovely etsy seller that you might enjoy.

      i’d like to invite you to read my creative story, i think it might help you understand more about me and where i’m coming from. i’ll e-mail it over. :)


  • oh yes, that’s because I had spam problems so I stop using normal e-mail. sorry sbout that, however, I’ll still keep tunned! Sorry about the hard opinion, its just that I really liked all the things you used to post :)