small town love

small town

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i love living in a small town.

where you wake to the rooster's crow and the honor stand is just a short walk away.
where everyone remembers your name and neighbors become your friends.
where traffic slows at 6 o'clock and everything closes by 8.
where dogs can be unleashed and your spirit can roam free.
where waiters remember your favorites and the mailman rings your doorbell.
where the market becomes a gathering place and everyone waves from their car.
where walks are routine and strangers say hello.

i love small towns, because the time seems to pass by just a little slower.

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  • Love this! I grew up in a smaller town and now that I live in a big city, I miss the character of a smaller town. There’s certainly something special about it that a big city just can’t replace!

  • My boyfriend is from a small town and one of my favourite weekend dates is hopping in the car and driving out there. Everyone knows everyone, [almost] everyone is friendly, and all that wide open space feels so much like home!

  • I grew up in a metropolis. I now live in small town Idaho. Wow, getting used to shops closing at 5, or 6 was ridiculous after having so many shops that were never closed. I have come to appreciate, and even be thankful for the changes in my lifestyle. I take breaks everyday now, not just hurried ones over the weekend. Smiles light my face as a train whistle puts me to sleep, or the the morning dove wakes me.

    Today the teller at my bank pointed to my paycheck. “Do you live at this address?”, she wanted to know. When I nodded, she grinned. I was suddenly added to her circle of friends because she is my neighbor. And not neighbor in the city-suburb sense of next door or directly across the street. She lives more than two blocks from me. As I have learned in this community, being my neighbor does not mean she will ask me for a cup of sugar, or wave when she sees me. She will do those things, maybe. But really it is bigger. My neighbors have stopped someone from stalking my home, have shoveled my drive, have inquired of my health when I was absent from my usual walks. They share books, and recipes.

    Oh, how I love small towns. I am so glad that most of the world is built of them.

  • It’s funny, because apart from the roosters (though many folks here have chickens), this is exactly what it’s like to live in our neighborhood in Chicago, and why I love our city so much. We’ve got all the benefits of a small town but in the middle of the city… super friendly and helpful neighbors, kids playing in the yards together, local bakeries and greasy spoons where everyone knows you, the ability to walk everywhere you need to go (and chat with the crossing guards) and awesome markets where you get to know the farmers making your food. Even our parks are beautiful and plentiful, and offer a great escape for the city dogs to roam free. Actually, it’s better than the very small town I grew up in! :)

  • I love this post, Bonnie. I moved away from small town Wyoming back to Pittsburgh, PA and there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t miss it! I just felt so plugged in to my community, and other people felt as connected to me as I did to them. I miss that feeling – I feel so anonymous here.

  • Been a while since I’ve been able to visit here. So busy these days! YAY for small towns! I’ve always lived in a small town (except for 6 years in Fell’s Point in Baltimore!). Right now I live in a tiny town where there is one stop light that is always green and everyone knows me and my son by name. Love it!! :D