wide leg trouser love

my latest love has been a big one (no pun intended!). after getting my first pair of wide leg trousers about 6 months ago, i have been a little obsessed ever since. over the months, i've accumulated 3 pairs- all of which i pretty much live in. my mission has always been one of trying to balance comfort with style, and wide leg trousers were my answer. they are so comfy, yet perfect for dressing up as well. the ideal travel, shopping and lounging pant (for me). here are a few of my favorites!

wide leg pants

row 1: dime novel wide legs | wide leg long pants (handmade!) | high waist linen pleated

row 2: one pacific trails pant | taha loungers | wide printed trousers

row 3: fold over linen pants | staring at stars wide leg | staring at stars print wide leg

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  • I made all my clothes when I was in school. But when I got a job, I bought a pair of white wide leg pants with my first paycheck. Got them at Rich’s department store. I wore them to school and at lunch I sat down at a table with the captain of the cheerleader’s team. She went on and on about how she loved my pants and I was feeling so great about them. When she got up to leave I saw that she had on the same exact pair. I went right back to sewing, and I remember making a pair like the first pair in the second row.

  • I love those…but am not super tall..advice? thoughts? no need to be polite, some things truly fit taller/shorter people better. I suppose too its all about how you feel in them, but I’ve pulled off the maxi skirt…so…maybe…
    Enjoy the weekend!

    • hey deirdre! me neither! i’m only 5’2″ but still love these, even though i usually have to hem them a bit (ok, a lot). i just usually pair them with shorter/more fitting top and roll with it. i think this kind of pant looks much better on me than the skinny jean. rock it, girl!

  • These bare to another similar type of leasure wear from the 60’s n 70’s. In my time they were called elephant pants or bell bottoms. The style is great!