handmade valentine’s day cards

aw yes, valentines day! one of my most favorite holidays. what could be more special than celebrating the love in your life? it's only about 3 weeks away, which means it's time to think about ordering any special valentine's day goodies, so they arrive in time for your special occasion. instead of browsing you nearest super store for a valentine's day card this year, why not support the handmade community with a handmade valentine's day card? (they're way cuter anyways!) here are some of my favorites:

valentine's day cardseco friendly robot card - $4.50

valentine's day cardsyou are the peanut butter to my jelly - $4.00

handmade valentine's day cardscustomizable QR code valentine's day card - $4.25

handmade valentine's day cardsmustache card - $3.25

handmade valentine's day cardsyou're a little vintage - and i like you -$4.00

handmade valentine's day cards

hipster love - $8.00

handmade valentine's day cardsi like you in the kissy kissy kind of way - $4.00

handmade valentine's day cardsi love you more than knitting- $5.00

handmade valentine's day cardsi miss you card - $4.00

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