holiday ad special on going home to roost

holiday ad special on going home to roost

hello, friends! i can't believe october is almost over and the holidays are quickly approaching! if you're interested in promoting your shop, blog or website for the busy season, now's the time to start thinking about it. there are a couple of options for you still available on going home to roost:

1) large size 125 x 175 premium ad spot: these larger ads always perform better and are the most effective way to promote your shop, blog or site.

2) medium size 125 x 125 premium ad spot: these spots are a little smaller but still produce good results, giving you a great bang for your buck!

this year, i've also decided to offer a discount for the 2 month option (as shown above). i know it's a busy (and expensive!) time of year, so i hope this will help. :)

to reserve your spot, choose which option you would like below and check out via paypal. i'll be in touch with each of you shortly, but you may also feel free to e-mail me your ad image anytime.

Choose your option

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