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do you need a fresh perspective and new inspiration?
are you running out of steam with creating your dream space?
maybe your ideas are not working out as well as you had hoped?

i love joanna's mission at (re)U where she's passionate about helping people use what they already have to redesign their home creatively.

“when people are satisfied rather than stressed by their home interiors, they are free to be of greater service to the world.”

today i'm here to share with you about joanna's brand new service- a virtual decor packaged called 'a fresh perspective'.

(re)U virtual decor package

(re)U's  fresh perspective sessions will help you get back on track with new ideas and a fresh outlook! during the sessions, joanna will address design challenges and come up with simple step by step guide to help you create the space you want. whether you are “stuck” or just don’t know what your next move is this plan is the right fit for you.

here's how it works:
joanna works individually with each client to address your specific needs and make this process fun and enjoyable. she begins with a 30 minute phone consultation to figure out exactly what your needs are.
you’ll receive a fully customized plan for your room including:

-a virtual “design board” emailed to you.
-a pdf step by step guide of how to implement from a-z which includes a furniture placement plan, art arrangement, purchase recommendations, organization implementation, incorporating things you own, etc.

ready to get started? prices start at $150 per room!
email joanna ([email protected]) for access to her new client questionnaire - and she’ll take it from there. get ready to have a creative thinker on your side helping you create the home you want!

head on over to (re)U to learn more, i know you'll fall in love with joanna's peaceful, calming and inspirational space!

15% with a free phone consult of 30 minutes

sound interesting? more details will be sent out this friday (11/9) to the roost tribe. you can find out more information on the tribe and learn how to join here!

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