i love you california

i love california

today, i return home to california. after being away from over a month, i'm anxious to get back. not only to my home, my things and my normal routine but also to the sunshine, flowers and sweet aroma. time spent with family and friends over the last few weeks have filled me with joy and given me unforgettable memories, but i'll be happy to unpack and root down for a bit. i'm feeling a bit jostled and tired but thankful for the opportunity to travel. since i've been in both colorado and north carolina, i know my internal clock (and all my electronics) will be excited to return to a single time zone. a full day of travel is ahead, but freshly farmed veggies, pink roses and my own soft bed awaits me. you can follow my travels over on instagram, i'll meet you there!

photo: i love you, california (1913 cover illustration for sheet music) via besotted brand

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