my birthday + 26 things

not much has changed in 20 years (just me!).

26 things about me. :)

1. i love my job.
2. natural light is my best friend.
3. toaster's nickname is goat.
4. my favorite color is green.
5. i prefer a very soft bed.
6. i dislike toilet paper that tears too easily.
7. in the last 4 years, i've moved 5 times across 2,340 miles.
8. photoshop still scares me.
9. i love back scratches.
10. my favorite hike is among the wild ponies at mount rogers.
11. i've been a vegetarian for 7 years and a vegan for 20 months.
12. i love watermelon.
13. i hate cilantro.
14. my name (bonnie christine) means beautiful christian.
15. i'm so in love.
16. i finally started reading the hunger games.
17. mosquitoes are my least favorite.
18. i love to thrift shop.
19. i could eat kale three times a day.
20. i have big dreams.
21. i love to go to bed insanely early.
22. i can't stop listening to this song.
23. i do several handstands every day- just for fun.
24. i have a smoothie every day.
25. friends and family are so precious to me.
26. i'm so grateful.

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