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i debated a little on whether or not to share this on ghtr, but this blog is a direct reflection of my life, and you all are like family to me. so, here's a snippet of my life lately! david, my husband, is a professional cyclist and cycling coach, and while riding with an athlete in albuquerque, new mexico last week had a major crash and shattered his collarbone in to 7 pieces. oh no!

i received the dreaded phone call while they were still on the side of the road, uncertain of what other damage might have occurred. i don't do well with this kind of stuff. it was especially hard because i was in north carolina at the time (thankfully with my family). i struggle with worrying too much as it is, and constantly have to pray away my fear and worry when it comes to his riding and general extreme-ness.

within a few hours, david had seen a surgeon and scheduled surgery for the next morning. i quickly researched flights and booked one that would get me there in time for his surgery. family took me to the airport (an all-night adventure) for my 6am flight and i arrived just in time to give him a smooch before they rolled him back. sigh.

surgery took 90 minutes longer than expected (tick-tock-tick-tock), as they quickly realized his collarbone had several shattered pieces and putting the jigsaw puzzle back together was quite the challenge. you can see his before and after x-rays if you want (they are pretty incredible!). needless to say, he is now the proud new owner of 9 screws and a titanium plate.

he came through the surgery without a hitch and despite a few (very) rough days, we're making it alright. we reluctantly made the trip back to north carolina on saturday and are so happy to be home and surrounded by family (we return to california next week). he's progressing slowly but surely and is expected to make a full recovery, praise the Lord!

i am above all thankful. i realize it could have been much (much) worse and i am incredibly grateful for being able to make the trip, safe travels and an amazing surgeon. i just wanted to share with you a bit of my life, as things are not always overflowing with flowers and butterflies behind the scene. :) for now, i've got to go back to playing nurse. happy monday!

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  • You’re right, life isn’t always flowers and butterflies, and I know a lot of bloggers have a tough time talking about the things that are hard about life. I wanted to thank you for your courage to share this news with strangers. I wish you and your husband much peace throughout this process of healing! ♥

    I’ve just recently started reading your blog and really love your posts about your home and vegan meals. The meals especially have been helpful in branching out and making food outside our trusted regular meals. :)

    • @kristen, thanks for your comment, it means so much! i’m so glad you’ve found ghtr to be useful, and i look forward to getting to know you more. :)

  • Oh Bonnie,
    As the girl friend of a very serious x-pro cyclist myself, I try very hard not to worry too much. I try very hard not to tell him too many times to be careful. My boy friend has in the past shattered his pelvis, had multiple incidents of awful road rash, tore his nose off his face and I’m sure broken other bones . I know too well how you must feel right now. You are so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family in NC. I wish I could come visit you, but unfortunately we have a funeral this week. Keep up the praying, I’ll be doing the same. I know how you feel! My heart and prayers are with the both of you. I’m sure david will be back on his bike in no time! Cyclists are very hard headed that way! Lots of love and prayers are coming your way from an old friend who completely understands what you are going through!

    Love to you!

    • @alisha, thanks, girl! i know you know how i feel- and i miss you dearly. i’m sorry to hear you have a funeral this week, my prayers will be coming your way as well. love and light to you sweet girl!

  • Dear Bonnie –

    We are so sorry to hear about David! We are praying for you guys and are so glad that he will make a full recovery. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to be a support. Love you guys and will see you soon.

  • Like I tweeted to you earlier – This totally sounds like me back in July when Jim broke his arm :P I’m so glad to hear David came through the surgery just fine and it sounds like some time with family will be the perfect medicine to help him heal :)

  • Oh no! I’m a runner, triathlete, and duathlete – shattered collerbone is one of those things you hope never happens, but I know too many people it has happened to. So glad that you were able to get to him and I hope recovery goes really well!

  • Oh my goodness, that must have been so awful to get that call. I don’t blame you for not handling that stuff well. I am so glad that your husband got the help he needed quickly and is in the recovery process. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I needed to hear what you had to say — I have had a rough day and you reminded me how to be positive. You are so right- life is not all beautiful and sunny, unfortunately. So we have to be thankful for what we can and pray through the hard stuff.

    Know that your husband will be treated like royalty- Nurse Bonnie!

    Sending lots of love and good health your way!

  • Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry that the 2 of you have to go through this. How painful and unpleasant. Thrilled to hear that the surgery was a success and that he is so far so good. I will certainly be praying for strength and peace of mind for both of you and a (super) speedy recovery for your David. God will see you through! ((hugs))

  • Oh Bonnie! I am so sorry to hear that your husband got hurt! Happy that everything went well and that he is recovering in your care.

  • I’m saying a prayer for you guys today! I met you a while back and we shared a mutual anxiety about our husbands injuring themselves while riding. I’m so glad it was not more serious for your David, and that his wounds are correctable. So sorry that you have to go through this tough time. God bless you and unite you through this. I hope he heals quickly!

    • oh, ayme- thank you! i remember, it is such a struggle to stop worrying and have faith! thanks for your sweet words and encouragement, they mean so much. :) xo!

  • Bonnie, having been through enough of these crazy rides myself, I know the challenge of “nursing”. And for all their bluff and guff, men are not the easiest when wounded. :-) All the best!