darling magazine for roost tribe

darling magazine coupon for the roost tribe


If Audrey Hepburn started a magazine it would be Darling. 

i know many of you fell in love with darling magazine after i wrote about it last week, so i just couldn't help but pop in with this great news: darling mag is partnering with the roost tribe! all tribe members will have the opportunity to get darling's digital version for just $1. for just a dollar!

>> join or learn more about the roost tribe

>> explore darling magazine and their mission for redefining femininity

the promotional code will be sent out on friday, september 21st (along with lots of other goodies!). you won't want to miss the opportunity to read this incredibly beautiful, deep and meaningful content about so many of the elements we as women deal with on a day to day basis. it will truly be a breath of fresh air!

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