turn your hand lettering into vectors + wacom tablet tutorial

turn your hand lettering into vectors + wacom tablet tutorial

these are the topics i get asked about the most:

1) how do you use a pen tablet?
2) how do you turn your hand lettering into vectors?

well since i couldn't live without my wacom tablet and think using my handwriting for projects and posts is possibly the most fun thing EVER, i'm really excited to share this pair of tutorials with the roost tribe this week!

in the first tutorial, i'll cover what type of pen tablet is best, how to use one and what options and settings we have in adobe illustrator.

in the second tutorial, i'll be covering three ways in which to turn your hand lettering into vectors, how to play with colors and patterns, and how to save the file to best use on the web. you'll also learn how to do it both with and without a scanner.

sound interesting? tutorials will be sent out this friday (10.19) to the roost tribe. you can find out more information on the tribe and learn how to join here! **don't have illustrator? adobe offers a free 30 day trial. you can check it out here!

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