a fairy tale garden shed

as i was scouring the web for garden greenhouses yesterday, i couldn't help but fall in love with this dreamy garden shed. i just had to share it on it's own!

a fairy tale garden shed

gail and mark dupar’s dreamy shed is the heart of their kitchen garden. it's where they start seedlings, arrange flowers, raise tomatoes, store tools and dry freshly harvested shallots. the shade-cloth covered glass roof helps brighten the inside where tender plants hibernate over the winter. i especially love how they have integrated vintage pieces throughout- a former kitchen cabinet holds vases, seeds, and books and an antique leaded glass window hangs from an overhead beam. clear glass bottles let light from the greenhouse filter into the main shed while darker bottles, marbles, and twiggy prunings fill in around them. it's quite the dreamy place, don't you think?

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