grandmas are green

butterfly wings

butterfly wings

grandmas are green. have you ever noticed that? i cherish every moment i get to spend with my grannies when i visit north carolina, and i love to take note of all their little eccentricities. my favorite of all is that they are green, and i'm not even sure that they know it.

- they garden. season after season they garden and garden.

- they make things from scratch. homemade pie crust, pasta sauce and biscuits.

- they compost. even if they don't need to use it in their gardens, they still compost.

- they eat leftovers. nope, you won't see them throw any food away!

- they can. if you don't can your seasonal veggies, then what are you supposed to eat in january?

- they save. they carefully preserve the wrapping paper at Christmas and re-use their plastic straws time and time again.

- they reuse. all the things they save? the reuse them. old tool boxes become planters, cereal boxes become gift boxes.

- they recycle. after it's been reused, it gets recycled.

- they take good care of things. my grandma still uses her electric mixer from the 50's and all her dishes, too!

- they save energy. they hang clothes to dry, read instead of watch tv and use the beauty of the natural daylight.

the only thing i can think of that uses very much energy is how much they love to heat their homes- and i think they deserve that.

is your grandma green? i think we can all learn a little something from the good 'ol days.

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  • My grandmas also used reusable scrubbies or cleaning rags. Both were reused (scrubbies crocheted out of leftover yarn, rags were cut down old towels or tshirts).

  • This post reminds me of my grandmother, you perfectly captured my memory of her. I use to find the things she did peculiar. Why would one save wrapping paper? That means you have to open presents carefully and not tear the paper to shreds with gusto. Looking back I see her wisdom and am happy to have the memories. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  • this definitely reminds me of my grandmother, too! And I actually do a few of these things, though I’d like to do more! Love being green. :)

  • hello..
    this literally made me just bawl like a baby at my desk…in a good way. my grandma passed away in January and everything you just posted is SPOT ON who she was.. just sent me down memory lane..thank you, despite the fact that im still crying typing this..haha! she was such a green thumb, taught me how to can and be who I am today. . she raised chickens and hung her clothes on the line.. they truly are special people:)
    – mrs. bonnie bee bauer :)