the sexy sugar free vegan project

the sexy sugar free vegan project

my friend nancy from wolf and willow and i have had similar revelations over the past few years. mine having to do with becoming vegan and cutting out gluten, her's having to do with becoming vegan and cutting out sugar. both of which have produced radical improvements in our health, minds and well being!

i'm super inspired by nancy's latest sexy sugar free vegan project. it's getting back to the basics- eating whole foods that are plant based AND sugar free. with benefits ranging from better sleep to an increase in energy, it's definitely worth looking in to. check out this post to read more about quitting sugar, but in a nutshell americans eat 130 pounds of sugar a year. that's up from about 20 pounds in 1820. THAT'S a lot of unneeded sugar!

the sexy sugar free vegan project

above recipes: kale, quinoa & green olive salad | coconut and vanilla bean yoghurt | super freen breakfast smoothie | cajun purple carrot + black bean sliders

as part of the project, nancy is posting a vegan, sugar free menu every day until christmas on wolf and willow. the recipes are delicious, wholesome and easy to follow along with! we encourage you to just give it a try. sign up for sexy sugar free vegan e-mails (scroll to the bottom) and just do what you can do. what do you have to lose?

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  • Oh I’ll have to check out Wolf and Willow! Thanks for this Bonnie! I made a similar path. I was struck by what Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn said in Forks Over Knives and their books. As a result I’m vegan and cut out sugar, caffeine, and especially added oil. I aim for a whole foods plant-based diet. My husband and I might go out once a month to a vegan restaurant and don’t sweat it if something has oil or sugar in it, but that’s just once a month. And all of my recipes on my blog follow that, no added oil, sugar or caffeine. Thanks so much for posting this!!

    Project Lovegood

  • Thanks Bonnie!! As Aubrey, I also read Dr. Campbells books and have tried my best to change my diet (although it is quite good already) Here in Argentina Vegans and Vegetarians are a rare species, and it is very difficult to follow these lifestyles. I have also read a lot about how Dr. Campbells books is just a big mistake… blah blah. I am going over to Wolf and Willow to check it out, and I might try to have a 2013 meat-free!

    • hey romy! i know you already eat really well, and that it’s a different story in argentina. but i say, may the force be with you! veggies are all you need! haha. i also know there are a lot of arguments out there for just about anything, but i just go with what feels right, and this makes me feel the best i’ve ever felt. everyone is different though, and may need different things!

  • Ya Romy, there are always people to say how a book is a mistake or madeup but really I have trouble not accepting it (and I’m of the questioning variety). After reading his book, seeing him in Forks Over Knives and meeting him and Dr. Esselstyn in person and her them speak, there is no doubt in my mind what is healthy and what isn’t. :~)

  • Bonnie I am so happy you shared her site with me! I am gluten free, vegan, and we only use agave for sweeterner in our food. It is always so encouraging to have someone else who is walking the same path as you are. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Very cool! I’m vegan too, but definitely have a sweet tooth. Always looking for recipes that satisfy but that have no added sugar. Thanks so much for pointing out this resource.

  • I have recently gone vegitarian and I am really enjoying it. Though I do not feel my body is quite ready for a vegan diet transition I am always happy to learn new and healthy recipies for myself.

  • Hello Bonnie. I am a ‘meat eater’, but I feel like my body after 30 years of stuffing myself with it just decided to refuse it. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant I am a bit worried that during this time transforming directly to vegan might be a bit of a shock for my organism. Should I first go vegeterian and than jump to being vegan?Any thoughts? Thank you – your page inspire me : )

    • hi karolina! congratulations! :) every ‘body’ is different, so you should probably consult a doctor on this. personally, i remained a vegan throughout my pregnancy and felt amazing! best of luck to you!