before and after: white washed hutch

before and after: white washed hutch (1)

in addition to the chest of drawers i refinished a while back, i also did a quick white wash on this hutch i'm using as a bear's changing table. it was quick and easy and i'm so happy with the results! as a sidenote, i'm also pleased with how it's working out as a changing table. there's plenty of room and i have a spot for everything!

before and after: white washed hutch (4)

here's my awful before picture. i forgot to take an 'official' before picture, but before pics are supposed to look terrible, right?! anyways, i didn't feel like the red tone of this wood went with anything else in the nursery, but i also didn't want to take the time to meticulously paint the entire hutch a solid color. white wash to the rescue!

before and after: white washed hutch (3)

to white wash this piece, i simply added 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup of regular latex paint (i used valspar's no voc standard white paint). i then brushed it on in segments, and wiped it off as i went with a rag. be aware, you'll want to toss the rag once you're done and wearing a pair of gloves will keep you from scrubbing your hands later!

before and after: white washed hutch (2)

i was also sure to make some 'accidental' splatters with my brush all over the hutch which ended up giving it a very vintage, work-room type look. i love how it turned out!

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