my 10 dollar thrifted mirror

i knew i wanted something big for the wall behind our dining room table, and finally decided a large mirror would serve the space well and bring in lots of extra light. i had a plan, but no mirror! i started scouring craigslist for something and turns out, large mirrors are pretty expensive. i fell in love with one for $160 and just couldn't bring myself to get it. so, attempt #2 was to visit our local thrift stores. at the first one i stopped at, i stumbled across this giant beauty. and, (drum roll please) it was marked $10. yes, please!

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ok, it wasn't such a beauty in the beginning. i'm not sure what kind of paint was on the glass, but i could tell that it would come off easily. i went home, set it up and begin peeling off the paint with a razor blade. it only took about 15 minutes, and it was all gone! i then primed the edges and topped it off with a pretty mint green paint i had matched to a notebook at the hardware store.

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ta-da! finished in just a few hours and hung by the hubs when he got home. i love what it brings to the space and all the natural light it reflects back into the room. for $10 + the cost of a little sample sized paint can, i couldn't be happier!

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